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Wrapping Up

For the past seven weeks, I’ve been creating a digital scorebook manager app for a tablet. During this process, I’ve detailed all my steps along the way, from planning to prototyping and have now finished a fully functioning prototype.

The final design

For my final design, I ended up going with what was considered “mock up 2” of my prototype’s. This meant having a side drop menu available on all the main navigation screens, as I felt that helped give necessary screen space as well as allow easier access to the personal profile. I also finished up the logo, as well as made sure every interaction leads to a unique page and there’s no dead zones. Overall, I’m happy with how the first fully functioning prototype has turned out, though I do feel I can see area’s that can be improved on throughout the app, though that’s natural

Design is never done

An issue I’ve ran into a few times during the final phases of a project, school assignment or personal, is that when I’m nearing the final due dates for a project, I start thinking of new and different ways to expand upon it. Maybe I see a screen that doesn’t really make sense and could be removed, maybe I thought of a different way to design this screen that would enhance the app. It can be frustrating at times as it seems like I’m finally noticing and thinking more about the project when I’ve run out of time on it. The thing is though, even if you had infinite amount of time, you’d still probably never finish the project, because design is never done.

This is a quick article from 2011 by Craig Villamor and even though it’s relatively old know, this quote still holds true

It is foolish to think that you will get the design right the first time. It is also foolish to think that there won’t be changes to a design once development begins. And on a larger scale, software products are never done unless they are dead. Life is better when you stop kidding yourself and your team and admit that there is no “done”

If you think of your favorite app you use, I can almost guarantee you that that app has changed dozens of times most likely. Your phone is constantly updating these apps, sometimes just making bug fixes and other times making large scale UI changes. Even old, popular apps and services like YouTube or Instagram are constantly updating and changing. As time goes on, design ideas and practices change, as do what people prefer. As designers, you must be ready for this. You have to be willing to change your app greatly and frequently.

In regards to my project, there’s many ideas that could be expanded upon, such as an easier way to find another person’s profile, or more involved ways to share and download scorecards. In my traditional thinking though, it’s too late. I’ve handed it in and the project is done. In reality though, this is simply one of what could be countless drafts for this idea. That may sound daunting and in some regards, it is. That’s what makes design so great though, there’s always a chance to become better and make your designs even greater.

Fully Functioning Prototype

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