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Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to go through the entire production process for creating an episode of my very own podcast. This podcast will focus on the game Dragon Ball Fighterz, more specifically the competitive aspects of it and how they are viewed and could be changed. With this idea in my head, I started out the process

Reading up

Before I began full preproduction on my podcast, I felt I needed something to help get a little inspired. I’ve never actually made a podcast before and don’t make much of a habit of listening to them in my free time, so reading up on podcasts was essential if I wanted to make mine quality.

In terms of my sources for this phase of research, I mainly focused on two different texts, The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video and Planning your Podcast series. For the former, it mainly gave me more information in regards to audio, such as how I can balance the audio, as well as making sure I’m clear and understandable while talking. The microphone discussion was also especially helpful, as I’m pretty much clueless on them.

The podcast planning series was able to give me a better look into more podcast specific areas though, which I found very helpful. This includes things such as the art of an invisible script as well as making sure your podcast has personality. My first instinct when thinking about a podcast would honestly be to wing it, though when I actually think about it a script of bulleted points sounds much more effective. I’m also always worried that I'll be boring and people won’t care what I have to say, so getting a better idea on how I can inject some personality into any potential podcast was good.

Checking out the field

While I now had a much better concept surrounding podcasts under my belt, I still wanted to do something else before pre production. I’ve usually learned best by seeing people do the exact task I’m going to do, so I watched some podcasts to see what sounded good in action and what may require more attention than previously expected.

Effectively Wild

Source: Effectively Wild via Spotify

This was one of the first podcasts I came across, as I’m a big baseball fan and frequently use Fangraphs.com, and right away it caught my attention when the episode opened up with a song going. The discussion in the podcast itself is good as well, as each individual is always very clear and understandable, the levels were mostly balanced, and each of the hosts sounded natural and bounced off each other well. The podcast is also frequently updated, providing lots of content currently, as well as knowing there'll be disscussion on almost everything in baseball from this crew at some point.

Up on the Lookout

Source: Up on the Lookout via Spotify

I wanted to try a different subject for my second podcast, which led to me finding this one about Dragon Ball. This opens up with a song similar to the last one and then leads into a discussion on the latest manga chapter. The audio is again very clear, there’s no distracting music during discussion so everyone can be heard, and the discussions being had go beyond basic surface level analysis.


Source: R2C2 via Spotify

This is the one I saw last but it was definitely my favorite. To start off, I think the concept is really cool, as former Yankee ace C.C. Sabathia sits down with commentator Ryan Rucco as they discuss a wide array of different topics. When starting the podcast itself, it again has a little song at the intro though I feel this one is the best, as it perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the whole podcast. The audio is again clear and because of his status as a former player, C.C. is able to get both very interesting guests, as well as be able to get very interesting discussion out of them as he knows them so well.


With the research done and over with for now, I finally began my step into pre production. This mainly involved filling out a pre-production document, detailing the ins and outs of my future podcast. This document also contains a mind map and script and is linked below.

Full Pre-production document

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