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This white paper was created to explore the design industry and why deep work would be greatly beneficial to it. Much of these blogs have been about the many potential downsides of smartphones and the information area, with this paper addressing some of the issues they have on design directly. With how often people are distracted combined with the many unreasonable deadline’s designers are often given, it’s caused many designs to become a little soulless. Many creators aren’t given enough time to create something spectacular and that time they are given is often ruined by distractions like the smartphone or some other modern technology.

With this white paper I address many of these issues, describing how the problem began, how we can fix it, and what the potential outcomes of a fix may be. With a combination of stats and psychological theory, I’m able to discern why we’ve ended up where we are in the age of distraction and how we need to take back control from our devices. Even if you aren’t heavily involved in design, many of the concepts here can help in almost any field and I feel would be valuable information for anyone nowadays. Beyond that, I also recommend Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” book. It gives a fascinating look into the concept of deep work, along with strategies and concepts on how one can apply deep work in their field. I feel like I understood the benefits of a deep work concept, but never truly knew what that looked like or how to do it until reading this book.

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