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User Interviews

After extensive research over the past few weeks in regards to the redesign of IMDb, the user testing phase can begin. For these tests, I conducted it with three different participants. Each participant was given five tasks to complete on IMDb. After they were done, the footage was later analyzed, with problem areas and redesign recommendations being determined through that footage.


The first interview was done in person, while the next two were done in a zoom recording. For the first interview, the participant was brought into an isolated room, told the instructions, and given the consent. For the later two, a zoom meeting was set up with the participant sharing their screen.

In terms of the interviews themselves, there were mixed results on the many different tasks. For example, participant one struggled immensely when trying to complete the first task, while participant two completed it in seconds. It stayed like this for much of the interviews, with only one task not presenting problems for all participants.

A look at the consent form and opening questions


With the user testing done, analysis was done on the interviews to locate problem areas and recommend potential redesign choices. The main problem consistent with all participants was the navigation. When it works, it works great, but if the users made any mis-click, they got sent down a rabbit hole that isn’t easy to get out of without continually searching. Beyond that, the website begins to feel cluttered after a while. For example, participant two began to feel more frustrated as the test went on, because to him it felt like every page was jammed packed with info that simply wasn’t relevant. It makes it hard to find what you want, as so much content is thrown in your face and you don’t even know which does what.

A look at what the site's problem area are and redesign recommendations

Knowing these issues, some recommendations for redesign were constructed. In terms of unity, the site needs to heavily improve on that. It needs more consistency in features such as layout, spacing, font size, etc. The information on the site needs to be better contained. It’s a large site that will always have a lot of information, but many of the pages just feel like text dumps that’s difficult to decipher. Less cluttered information, with more effective uses of pictures and videos, will help present the site’s information in an easy to digest way. Finally, the search bar should be more user friendly, allowing multiple titles to be searched and more forgiving on spell check.

Listed below is a recording of my first interview

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