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Site Maps, Wireframes and More

Over the next few weeks, a content strategy report will be created based on the RFP description sent by http://www.cityofpdc.com/. For the first part of this report, a four artifacts were created to understand how the site’s content should be designed

Prioritization Matrix

To start, a prioritization matrix was created. Going off the RFP sent, the site’s main objectives is the ability to access city forms and bill payments and to inform and educate citizens. Utilizing that information, the focus of the site should be bill payments, municipal code, and news.

When determining the drive and guide, the difference depends on how it benefits the city. Employment opportunities and recycling information aren’t the main focus for the user, but they help keep the city active and clean. Upcoming events and Alzhemer & Dementia Registry are beneficial towards the users, as those are quality of life and entertainment options to do around the city.

The mayor’s welcome and city description were put in the meh category, as they’re needed to introduce the city, though the user won’t focus on it much and the city won’t spend much time creating this content

Full prioritization matrix

Site Map

The next step in the process was creating a site map. Four core pages were chosen, as they all address the main goals from the RFP. Pay online is the most important page of the site, as the main goal of the site is to allow ease of access to payments. News and events is another crucial page, as it allows citizens to be updated on current events, as well as be informed of events around the city. Parks, recreation and forestry department is the most detailed of the department sections, all of which are important for keeping citizens knowledgeable and informed on the city.

The last core page focused on the secondary audience. The city gets frequent tourists, so having easy to access maps, directories, and city descriptions is key for visitors. It’s also helpful for new residents of the town, as they can quickly learn the main aspects of the city.

Full Site Map

Content Model

With the core pages decided, the content model was created next. Utilizing this model, the content of these core pages and more refined goals were established.

Full Content Model

Wire Frames

For the final step for this week, rough sketches of wire frames were created for the core pages. These wireframes helped create a clearer picture on how the content will be organized. The RFP stated being user friendly is a main goal of this redesign, so each wire frame was designed with consistency such as footers, navigation bars, and increased image counts. By having more consistency throughout the site, as well as making the navigation easier to use, it will cause users to surf through the site quicker, finding what they want more efficiently.

Pay Online Wireframe

News and Events Wireframe

Plan Your Visit Wireframe

Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department Wireframe

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