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Creating a Podcast

After beginning pre-production for my podcast last week, I’m able to move on and start both recording the podcast itself, as well as adding some post-production bells and whistles such as music.

Reading up

With a better understanding of basic audio recording under my belt, this week I began looking into more detail on areas such as how to record as well as editing. One of the more helpful pieces I read was this on how to set up your own “home studio”. The best words of advice in that list I feel are getting in the zone and doing several takes. In terms of the former, I initially started in my room and while the audio was fine, something felt off, like I felt I couldn’t talk normally. Due to that, I ended up sitting in my car to record it, as I felt it gave me an area where I can just talk and not overthink.

Going back to editing, this article was fairly helpful in regards to how I should view the editing process. While I’m unfamiliar with it all, the concepts still seem basic enough to me for them to make sense. I feel like even if you’ve never opened an audition, the logic and snip and clipping at an audio file seems logical to me. Other terms that may not make sense at first (ear candy) do make sense when you read about them. In terms of sound, there’s a lot of aspects of it that we’re simply trained to prefer or enjoy, even if we don’t realize, which should be taken into account when editing.

Adding in the video

Beyond this podcast, I also want to start implementing video into my projects as well. In terms of video content, I’m familiar with a large variety of different types of video + audio type content as I frequently watch the videos themselves and have a clearer idea on what I feel works and doesn’t work for certain types of content. Here’s a few examples of some of the big standouts for me

Totally Not Mark - Anatomy of Anime

Son Goku: The Misunderstood Character

In this video, YouTuber Totally Not Mark discusses the character Goku and how fans have seemed to misunderstand him for years. I’ve always loved these videos as I feel they’re extremely well put together and engaging. For starters, the audio used is always on point. Mark has an entire series of these videos and in each one, the visuals are always matching what he’s talking about, the audio is well balanced, as well as very fitting. These videos are able to both inform and entertain me, with much of the reason being how effective audio and video is used in them

Team Four Star - Why SONIC doesn’t work in live action

Why Sonic Doesn't Work in Live Action

Similar to the previous video essay, this one is effective for similar reasons. What I enjoy about this vs the other though are a few specific things. For one, I do think the humor is a little sharper here, though the previous videos were meant more to inform than humor so that’s understandable. The audio is also again done very well, properly placing music for certain jokes and using animations and graphics when it will enhance a point being made (i.e. play creepy music when Mr. Mime shows up). The only slight issue I have is that I feel the background music can be a little loud at times, though the narrator's voice projects well which helps.

DiGi Valentine - Parappa - Who Dat (Character Review)

Parappa - Who Dat (Character Review)

This may be my favorite of the videos I choose mainly because the creator is able to make it feel more personal. Unlike the other two, this video is more so meant to be an overview of the character with the narrator’s perspective on it. Going off that, I also feel the scenes of him recording himself help the video, as since it’s a more personal video it makes it easier to understand the points DiGi is saying. I also love the use of graphics and other small bells and whistles to help tie the video together.

My Podcast

Last week, I started some pre-planning for my podcast. As I mentioned previously, this week I was able to record the podcast as well as do some post production. For my podcast, I talked about the game Dragon Ball Fighterz, more specifically the competitive aspects. For this episode, that mainly meant running through some characters and giving my perspective on them.

I was hoping to get a guest to spice it up a little, though this was my first podcast and I struggled finding a way to properly implement a guest. I also had some minor audio struggles. Music was fine, as I mainly used this LoFi remix of Dragon Ball Songs as provided by Rifti Beats. In terms of other sound effects though like controllers being thrown or something of the sort, I couldn’t find a way to implement that naturally without it feeling forced. This was a valuable experience though, as I’ve pretty much never recorded my voice or made a project like this, so hopefully my next go at it I’ll be able to fully accomplish all I want.

Dragon Ball Fighterz Podcast

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