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As an overall term, content is a broad one. Youtube videos are content, music is content, what you’re currently reading is content. Nearly everything is content, with the desire for more content ever festering. As this desire grows, ideologies about how they should be handled have begun to form from it, mainly in the sense of content creation, marketing, and strategy.


When thinking of content, how it’s created is the initial thought. This makes sense, of the different content ideologies, content creation is the most straightforward. As shown by Angela Tauge in her ClearVoice article, this goes beyond creating the content

Content creation is the intentional, strategic process of crafting text and visuals that align with the core interests of your audience and brand to reach documented business goals. Generating content requires mindful planning and diligence. Once the creation process is mastered, the resulting custom content can boost engagement, attract leads, and close sales, in turn growing your business and industry influence.

Process is the key. Anybody can create content, but to create meaningful content, an in-depth plan is essential. This includes concepts such as who your audience is and how the piece of content your making will interact with other content. For some of this plan, it crosses over into the concept content marketing strategy. As Nickie Bartels from Influence & CO said “Content creation is the process that turns your overall content marketing strategy into actual, tangible assets and results.”

Marketing your creation

As shown in the quote from Bartels, content creation and marketing go hand in hand. Part of that is because knowing how’ll you’ll market your content will likely enhance it. As said by the Content Marketing institute...

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Key words such as relevant and consistent show why marketing is so important. By knowing exactly what your content will be and why it’s being made, content quality will increase. Rather than creating a video and seeing how other videos match up, you’ll have a full series of video’s, all with connecting assets and structure. This helps enhance your content creation, as you have a mini guide of sorts to help create this content.

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing

The biggest struggle of the content ideologies is trying to decipher between these two. As described previously, content marketing is the strategic marketing approach to distributing content. In terms of content strategy specifically though, is a little different, as claimed here by Julia McCoy

Content strategy, on the other hand, is the foundation on which successful content marketing is built. Think of it as a map. If content marketing is the journey toward brand success, content strategy is the blueprint that directs it.

Content marketing are the ideas in which your content will be based around. When deciding what you want in your content, how your content interacts with each other, and how frequent it is, you’re discussing content marketing. On the other hand, when you’re deciding what platform the content will be on, who your audience is, or what your content is trying to say, you’re discussing a content strategy.

Evolving your content

As shown here, content goes beyond simple creation. Content is the core of the modern internet, with every site being judged almost solely by it. As we refine our design skills and internet infrastructure, this content will continue to evolve. With that in mind, having a clear understanding of not just content, but the market and strategy behind it will be key to succeeding as a creator in the modern day.


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